August 29, 2018 in Chapter 6 - New year, more craziness


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by Matt Comics


Last week, The Redacverse crossed the 5000 visitors line. Woohoo!

We officially start the 2010 backlog! Here's the usual blurb:

* This year isn't that different from the previous year. More silliness, more wacky characters running around, hopefully some art evolution near the end. Some experiments, too.

* As always, expect some retroactive stories. The previous year only had one, but this one got some more.

* Page-wise, it might be a shorter year though, because I recall spending a lot of time sick and weary that year, so I didn't always draw a comic page every Sunday. Let's wait and see.

* The TV China supplements end that year, but for unrelated reasons. (boredom and replacing them with TVC newspapers)

Enjoy! image


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