February 23, 2009 in Chapter 1 - Crazy Anthology


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by Matt Comics


So yeah, we're officially starting the 2009 scans and madness. I think I'm gonna make a fun year page like that for every year, each time with a different motif. Right now, I chose bricks because the first year is when you build your story so that fits.

Some warnings/info/whatever:

* The art style is very sketchy. I've made considerable progress since then.

* I was around 11 when I started the Redac. I was (and still am) full of creative potential, but the writing skills to make this potential look good take years to develop. So don't be surprised if the plots are a bit... random.

* Expect a lot of silly jokes or mentions of ridiculous stuff. Toilets, for example.

* When continuity became really important, I often went back and wrote additional adventures taking place between previous issues, generally to expand on things, or just for fun. I want to update the comic in (in-universe) chronological order, so I'll publish these stories between old pages as intended. Don't worry, as far as I remember they don't spoil future stuff. They can retroactively foreshadow it, though.

* Last but not least, have fun and don't hesitate to comment!

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