October 20, 2009 in Chapter 4 - The Month/Zauther War

The Evil Month Invasion

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The Evil Month Invasion

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by Matt Comics


Hello, readers! We finally start the 8-page story about Months and aliens and.. you'll see. Don't get too excited, though. It's only my first attempt at a multi-part Redac story, after all. But there was a lot of cool stuff in this arc.

First of all, the Months. I'll post their first appearances/doodles in the Extra Archive soon, but you can already see June (orange), July (red), August (yellow) and September (beige). They're all guys, despite the names. We also see Deanlizokienzaros again!

I'm pretty sure I saw the second-to-last panel in a dream the day before drawing this page, so of course I wrote it around that. I'm also positive the second panel was inspired by Goku landing on Namek in DBZ.

The map of the Moon and the space around it features the Earth, Mars, Venus, Eureka and some asteroid whose provisional designation was 1998 VA. It's also the first mention of Terrys...

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