October 5, 2009 in Chapter 4 - The Month/Zauther War

TVCS: Trap

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TVCS: Trap

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by Matt Comics


Surprise! It turns out the previous scene continued on the other side of the page. This is the first of many two-sided TV CHINA adventures. I took liberties with spelling (fotos) or just wasn't very good at it back then (interwiev??).

It also turns out the first glimpse of a Wich was a fake wich glove. Oh well. Wichs still exist, don't worry. This is also the first appearance of the Boss and the Mouse.

According to my notes, my sister came up with the idea of the TV-wall. I don't really remember that but if I wrote it down I guess it's true. (everything in The Redac is true, even the aliens!) See ya!

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