February 21, 2009 in Introduction

Behind the scenes p.1

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Behind the scenes p.1

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by Matt Comics


And here is how I actually started The Redac so many years ago.

Really, it pretty much went like that. I had a fun day and decided it was worth making a silly comic out of it. But I simply wrote down whatever happened for the very first Redac issue; drawings started with the second one. I told you about humble beginnings.

I made this introduction last summer as a trip down memory lane, and I think it fits pretty well at the beginning of the comic, if only in a retroactive way. "Behind the scenes" is 4 pages long and after that I swear I'll start the 2009 scans. Enjoy!

P.S. and yeah I do have a Blue Cat plushie like that. He's one of my most prized possessions. Why? Because it was handmade by my grandma!

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Jeremy7 June 12, 2019 edit delete reply

"Turns out, Grandpa wasn't sleeping, but merely awake with closed eyes.

Probably shouldn't of drawn rude words on his face."
Matt Comics June 13, 2019 edit delete reply

Matt Comics
hahaha, we weren't that mischievous...