September 7, 2009 in Chapter 3 - News of The Redac

TVCS: Scoops

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TVCS: Scoops

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by Matt Comics


This week was supposed to have two pages, but I've been busy, so you can only have a wordy TV CHINA supplement. I'll upload more pages next week. For the record, I worked on the hidden (for now) parts of the site, Grandma's birthday was yesterday, and I released my fanart page! Check this lovely pink button! Thanks for the doodles, everyone.

Anyway, this is another early appearance of Il. Some of the scoops may make more sense if you could look at the week pages... which will happen soon. (edit: just click on the purple button up there) I finally found how to use the diary part of The Redac without spamming the comic archive.

Oh, and this is probably my 100th comment on Comic Fury. Enjoy!


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