August 27, 2009 in Chapter 3 - News of The Redac


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by Matt Comics


Before we're done with the last few summer comics (at least until we reach the 2010 summer stuff), here are my past self's latest creations: mix-and-match aliens. These particular guys are nobodies, but the Zauther race as a whole is pretty important.

It all started when I wanted otherworldly aliens in The Redac... when my father heard that, he sketched one. (Number 1 up there) His hairstyle reminds me of a certain Shi'ar... stop plagiarizing comics, Dad!

So I decided the best way to make aliens was plagiarizing myself combining features of my characters. Naming these weirdos "the Others" wasn't enough. Like their appearance, their species name must be strange.

I'm not sure why I left that blank spot, so now I filled it with the first definition of Zauthers, way back in the 27th issue. And stuff like "M-Crow Zauther" isn't an actual name, of course. It's merely a superficial description. I'm tagging them as "Zauther #[number]" for the search function, so don't worry about remembering those monikers.


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