August 2, 2009 in Chapter 2 - Summer Slapstick


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by Matt Comics


Sometimes I think my early stuff was quite repetitive. This page is a good example. On the other hand, it probably means I got a lot of running gags.

Anyway, this is the first appearance of a very clingy cat named Potdecolle, and a sassy crow named Crow-Pig (or is he a raven? who cares), so this page isn't totally filler. (although a filler strip with a TV program causing an earthquake could be considered pretty awesome anyway)

It's a bit short though, so let's compensate with a depiction of ball massacre from the same issue.


Yay for improbable shots!


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Marcel February 4, 2018 edit delete reply

This is totally charming! I'm reading it with a constant smile on my face! (Or is it a rictus?)
Matt Comics February 4, 2018 edit delete reply

Matt Comics
Maybe both. Thanks for reading :D