July 26, 2009 in Chapter 2 - Summer Slapstick

Another chase

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Another chase

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by Matt Comics


This seems to be another one of those "T is bored and decides to annoy everyone" pages. This also seems to be the first (offscreen) appearance of the Rooster, an even more annoying character.

The fifth panel is a reference to that time I had the idea to hide behind a curtain and wait for someone to pass by and punch them. Guess who was on the receiving end of that prank. XD


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khkddn January 28, 2018 edit delete reply

It's the curtain that really makes it a prank, otherwise you're just punching people.

...I mean, it's still just punching people, but the curtain makes it quirky
Matt Comics January 28, 2018 edit delete reply

Matt Comics

*punches khkddn in a quirky way*

Totally a prank, I swear!