July 13, 2009 in Chapter 2 - Summer Slapstick

1000+ visitors!

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1000+ visitors!

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by Matt Comics


The Redac crossed the 1000 visitors line with the last update. I think a celebration is in order. And by celebration I mean let's show another drawing because why not.

Remember the "also featuring" part of Redac issues I mentioned once or twice? Where all sorts of crazy characters pop up?

This one is taken from The Redac #17 (June 2009) and shows us an Alice lookalike (but it's not her!), a rodent version of Thierry (but it's not him!), and most importantly, a horse whose name comes from a dream. (seriously!) Only dreams can give us those ridiculous names.

So let's say this drawing is tied to the current chapter (it features an Assassin, after all) and see you Sunday. Thanks for reading, anyway! Let's try to reach 2000 visitors!

Permalink: https://the-redac.the-comic.org/comics/pl/869581

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khkddn January 17, 2018 edit delete reply

Good thing horses usually don't need to write down their names.
Matt Comics January 17, 2018 edit delete reply

Matt Comics
Yeah maybe he should go by Dean with his pen pal.