July 5, 2009 in Chapter 2 - Summer Slapstick

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by Matt Comics


Sorry if everything looks a bit small. The size is actually the same as the irl comic. Maybe I should have made it bigger. My obsession with keeping things authentic will kill our eyes. And there's still so much blankness in the background...

Anyway, I told you journalism would be important. TV CHINA is a corporation based on mostly forgotten in-jokes, including my obsession with journalism, and more concerned with lies and lame scoops than anything else. The headquarters are located in The Redac's equivalent of China, though.


Permalink: https://the-redac.the-comic.org/comics/pl/866274

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khkddn January 7, 2018 edit delete reply

Just like real reality TV: people get angry, there's arts and crafts, there's an assassination
Matt Comics January 7, 2018 edit delete reply

Matt Comics
Indeed XD don't forget witnesses. Some neighbor must have seen the assassination from outside.