February 20, 2009 in Introduction

Of drafts and stories

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Of drafts and stories

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by Matt Comics


Here is today's promised update. Before showing scans of my 2009 stuff, I thought an introduction was needed. (there are some pics of my old Redac pages and doodles in this scene, though)

And since I'm basically explaining how I wrote my story to you readers... let's have it that way in the comic too.

The Readers were created several years down the line, but I always kinda had that idea around, and they're outside the comic anyway, so I guess they're allowed to appear in a non-chronological fashion. The Narrator has been there since the beginning, obviously.

More stuff next week. I know I said I want to update this thing every Sunday, but the introduction itself better be updated sooner than next Sunday so we can get done with it quite soon.


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Bradford January 7, 2018 edit delete reply

I love meta stuff like this!
Matt Comics January 8, 2018 edit delete reply

Matt Comics
Me too! It certainly makes me draw unusual things. Thanks for following my story!