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Christmas 2010

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Christmas 2010

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by Matt Comics


And here is the last 2010 page! I'll work on some things here and there and then we'll begin 2011 quite soon. In the meantime, let's check interesting details...

panel 1: no background. great.

panel 2: I didn't plan bubble placement very carefully back then. I should bring this kind of monster back though.

panel 3: an accurate representation of a silly Christmas card from my father. I'll scan it and add it to the extra material section whenever I find it.

panel 4: now we're talking! I was experimenting with perspective and poses.

panel 5: a lazy way to avoid drawing one of those complex Lego presents that puzzled my grandparents.

panel 6: empty, floating text? seriously? at least, it's the first mention of Everyone, in the vein of confusing characters like Myself or Your Father.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

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