June 7, 2009 in Chapter 1 - Crazy Anthology


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by Matt Comics


At last! The first actual comic page! All this anticipation will soon be meaningless since people will archive binge this comic in the future, and time doesn't exist in archives. But whatever. Let's just admire my past self's ability to make comics inspired by random events.

Grandma has a weird habit to collect stuff she found outside, and apparently that includes quail eggs. I remember how we totally didn't expect the heat to make it explode in the middle of a grandfatherly monologue. Later that day, Grandpa pretty much broke a window trying to kill a wasp with his shoe.... Write what you know, people! Your life is an endless source of comedy.

Btw, it's supposed to be blue flagstone outside, not water or whatever.

That's it for the first Redac comic, and the first peek at the grandparents' house. That wasn't my very first comic page in general, though. But that's a story for another day. See you!

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