April 19, 2009 in Chapter 1 - Crazy Anthology


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by Matt Comics


Only one page this week. But it's a pretty important page. It introduces my obsession with journalism (or at least my version of it). This extract from the 9th Redac seems to be the first time I mentioned reporters and such stuff in the Redac. That won't be the last.

I also wanted to show you the Hogwash Inventory. It was a column on the other side of the Redac where I wrote all the stupid phrases or ideas that could be used later. Some of these do end up being relevant.

Also on that other side, I had fun introducing characters I wanted to use in upcoming Redacs. This one had a lizard doctor/psychologist/whatever. Will he be important? You'll have to keep reading to know that :D

Anyway, only a few more noteworthy Sunday Hogwash kind of pages and then I swear you'll see the first proper comic page. The rest of the Sunday Hogwash era won't be forgotten, though. Enjoy!

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