April 5, 2009 in Chapter 1 - Crazy Anthology

A typical Sunday page

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A typical Sunday page

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by Matt Comics


So that is what the average page looked like in 2009. A big drawing of whatever happened and whatever didn't really happen, and a written summary that went in weird tangents. And smaller drawings at the bottom of the page, often to humorously insist on something I wrote earlier.

This kind of page is definitely a time capsule for my immaturity, however it also shows one of my many hobbies: studying languages. I'm no Tolkien, but I always had fun creating words. "Skatined" was inspired by "scatenarsi", the Italian word for "going wild".

There's probably some overlap with "scat" as well, since that's the kind of reaction skatined people would elicit. (yes, I use skatined as an adjective) "Go away, you're making too much noise!", basically.

See you next weekend, with more silly stuff.

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