Why is this project called "The Redac"?

  (I explain this on the first page, but whatever) I originally made this thing by parodying, embellishing and redacting my life. That's more or less where the name comes from. It's now an artifact title, but I keep it because I still like it and it's too late to come up with something else. That being said, I also refer to it as the Redacverse. Oh, and I got an eponymous character.



  So is this some kind of autobiographical story?

  Sort of? Early on, it's basically life embellished (and parodied). However, it quickly develops its own fictional mythos. And even at the beginning, stuff was off. Read Chapter 1, and you can already tell it's not really our world. That isn't to say the real-ish details are gone; one of the protagonists is basically a fictional version of me, for example. The focus just happens to be this oddball version of Earth.



  You say this was originally created in 2009. Why did you wait so long before showing it online?

  Good question. I was only a kid back then, learning to write and draw, let alone mess around online! And I didn't have a scanner worth its money for many years. I always knew I had to show the Redacverse stories around sooner or later, but I only really considered it in 2015. By then I was familiar with webcomics. Then I just had to actually scan stuff, improve it on my computer, and find a cool hosting site and starting date. I finally got around to do it on October 27, 2017.



  So this site was created in 2017, but the posting dates go all the way back to 2009...

  Yup! I eventually realized that having, say, a 2017 date on a page made in 2009 looked somewhat off. So I decided to go the extra mile and mess with the release dates so that every single page got one that more or less fits when it was originally created. It is a project about old stuff, after all.



  When does this project update?

  I used to update it every Sunday to follow the original schedule (I made one Redac issue every Sunday), but I then tried to speed it up a bit. And then I decided to make the schedule as flexible as possible, barring an alien invasion or such things. The current schedule is basically "whenever", but I definitely upload at least several pages every month.



  Who the heck are you anyway?

  Me? Just some guy who never closed the door of imagination that all children got in their mind.



  Can I make fan art/fan fiction of The Redac?

  Of course! ^^ You might even get featured on the Fanart page!



  Is The Redac NSFW?

  Nope, unless you're bothered by toilet humor. I'm pretty sure your younger siblings, kids or pets can all read it. There is violence, but nothing worse than a shonen anime or superhero comic. Swearing is rather tame (but creative!), hell, crap and damn are probably the worst you'll hear.



  Why is stuff always changing on this site???

  Why not? Well, I learned HTML from scratch after launching this site, and I keep finding details to revamp. Having an awesome layout is a perfectionist's nightmare, but it's also a fun thing to play with.



  Anything else worth mentioning?

  I use a lot of surreal humor, comedic silliness, weird silliness, and lame puns. Since the oldest stuff was made in 2009, expect very sketchy drawings and basic plots. Even if you don't like some parts, I sure hope you'll like the sum of all the parts, which is what ultimately matters. (I warned you about stupid puns!) One of the most interesting aspects of the Redacverse is that you get to witness my artistic evolution from 2009 onwards.