This is where I collect fan art, gifts, requests and forum doodles! Clicking on a drawing's link opens it in a new tab.

(I am not responsible for the content of the links inside the credit brackets, though XD)

Matt collection

Mr. Comics (by Text, based on one of my avatars)
Xmas Matt (by SunnySideUpSmile)
Drinking Hat Matt (by khkddn)
Pirate Matt (by Super Oliver)
Blue-eyed Matt (by argylefox)
Rockstar Matt (by MK_Wizard for an art trade!)
Muffin Matt (by SpookyMuffin4545)

Myself collection

Myself was one of the characters selected for a "Draw them your way" thread in 2018.
Mole Myself (by argylefox again!)
Handsome Myself (by HeSerpenty)
Anime Yeti Myself (by Jade Joules)
Fluffy Myself (by JammyTheBirb)
Cool Myself (by JC Webcomics)
Elegant Myself (by LeRenardRoux)
Cloudy Myself (by Microraptor)
Funny Myself (by Minute_Delta)
Shiny Myself (by NiaNook)
Gorgeous Myself (by ratt)
Pterodactyl Myself (by Taily)

Other characters

Arachnocurrilla (by Karinite)
J.H. (by Milk)
Zauther #7 (by halibabica)
"Lemon Squad" Blue Cat (by OnePunchLucario)
Alice (by LeRenardRoux again!)
Possible Skiski baby form (by MK_Wizard again!)

Thanks again, folks!