Chapter 1 - Crazy Anthology in Chapter 1 - Crazy Anthology
12th Nov 2017, 11:12 AM
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Chapter 1 - Crazy Anthology

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We officially begin Chapter 1. This cover took an absurdly long time to make but I'm happy with the result.

You have no idea how weird it feels drawing Matt and his father in my old style. I have to resist adding shading, details, etc. I did add better proportions and visible noses and ears, though. But nothing else.

I also put some of my actual 2009 drawings there, because why not? The result looks surprisingly good with the digital part of the cover, imo.

There are a lot of Redac drawings that aren't proper comics, or not even stories, just doodles and stuff.
You can consider them wacky supplementary material, and you can see them in the Extra Archive.

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