Behind the scenes p.1 in Introduction
4th Nov 2017, 9:00 AM
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Behind the scenes p.1

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And here is how I actually started the Redac so many years ago.

Really, it pretty much went like that. I had a fun day and decided it was worth making a silly comic out of it. But I simply wrote down whatever happened for the very first Redac issue; drawings started with the second one. I told you about humble beginnings.

I made this introduction last summer as a trip down memory lane, and I think it fits pretty well at the beginning of the comic, if only in a retroactive way. "Behind the scenes" is 4 pages long and after that I swear I'll start the 2009 scans. Enjoy!

P.S. and yeah I do have a Blue Cat plushie like that. He's one of my most prized possessions. Why? Because it was handmade by my grandma!

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