17th Dec 2017, 12:17 PM
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Alright, how can I explain this one...

It seems I took various details and self-references and mixed them into a non sequitur comic that could only be considered a dream sequence... right? I mean, look at the shapeshifting background. That's what dreams are like. Randomly revisiting recent events and memories is also very dream-like.

The first panel is an obvious callback to the previous page. You already heard of currillas, right? Here's an arachnocurrilla. I just love creating zoological nightmares.

And then we add some fly DNA... Now that I think of it, "Fly-Touch" sounds like a D&D spell! Here's how it works: you touch someone with the intent of turning them into a fly/[insert species here] hybrid. Oh, and it probably only works in dream land.

Weird (and awfully empty) backgrounds, random events, spells... what can we add to the list of proofs this is probably a dream? Oh, yeah, Rerie's hair is way too short. In your dreams, people can be horribly off-model.

Anyway, this may be a dream-like page but I still consider it canon. Somehow. You can say it's some kind of shared dream adventure between Matt and his family if you want. And the M-Fly isn't a throwaway character, so that counts too.

Oh, and what are those books/comics/whatever made "by Matt" in the first panel? Hey, I never said the Redac was my first story. Consider that another hint of my early stuff.

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