26th Nov 2017, 11:26 AM
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26th Nov 2017, 8:00 PM

Hoo boy. So many characters here. I like this page because it gathered together many of the silly people introduced in the "Also featuring" part of the Redac. And yeah, at one point I wrote down the weather of the week because why not. Anyway, I'll explain some things.

* The Old Guys are a special kind of old people. They live in their own city and have the ability to slide on their butt like a sled, and when doing so they make chair-like noise. Long story.

* The Evil Bird and the Evil Parrot aren't always called Evil, and aren't always evil anyway, so I tagged them as Cheep Cheep Bird and Great Parrot respectively. I forgot the Parrot looked like that in this page... he doesn't even look like a parrot!

* Currillas are some kind of gorillas who eat a lot of curry. Except that they don't really look like gorillas.

* Yes, I did create a butt-shaped superhero... and his skeletal assistant. You actually saw his cape and foot behind Barnaby two pages ago.

* Nyaparu, the smiling cat, got an evil counterpart: Nuparon.

Enjoy! Next week, you'll finally see the first proper comic page.

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