November 18, 2018 in Chapter 7 - One year of weirdness

The Redac's first birthday (Week diary, R. #53)

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The Redac's first birthday (Week diary, R. #53)

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The Redac's first birthday! That took forever to clean up. And yes, this was the first appearance of the Redac personification. I already featured him on covers, but those were retroactive appearances. Enjoy!

Important news: I'm gonna switch back to the one-page-a-week schedule for three weeks. Why? Because I got a lot of sidequests to catch up with: layout stuff, the cast page, the extra material archive, my other project, and so on, so I kinda need more time to focus on that for a short period. See you Sunday!

You might have seen a small drawing of Il instead of this comic's image. It was a placeholder image, because I scheduled the comic before I finished working on the image. And of course, I had to lose any semblance of internet connection just before replacing the image. Three days later, I finally got enough internet to do that, so now you can finally read this page. Grrrmph.


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