Characters introduced in 2009

The kids!

Matthew "Matt" Comics

The first protagonist. The lovable mischievous kid. Totally not a self-insert. Introduced in the Introduction.


Matt's hilarious and slightly psychopathic sister. Introduced in the Introduction.

The rest of the family! (also introduced in the Intro)


Matt and Alice's foolish father, two-bit despot, and a funny guy who often gets in trouble.


Matt and Alice's short-tempered and relatively sane mother. Often nicknamed Rerie.

Grandma "F" Felicity

Rerie's mother. She loves soup and black clothes. But soup is yucky.

Grandpa -_-;

Rerie's loud and talkative father, obsessed with sugar, and perpetually afraid of earthquakes.

Turquinu the Blue Cat

A living plush toy made by Grandma. Matt's surrogate brother and oldest friend. He sleeps a lot.

Space characters


The latest and very lazy king of the Moon. Probably T's lunar counterpart.


Matt's lunar counterpart, an absent-minded Selenite genius.

The Zauthers

A multitude of strangely shapen aliens traveling in cloud ships and conquering worlds.