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by Matt

First of all, let's all mourn Professor Stephen Hawking, who, as you probably know, passed away this week. I first heard of him many years ago, and I know he won't be forgotten (but he will be missed). He was pretty much this century's Einstein. Alackaday.


Then, you should know there will be a new extra page next week. Woohoo! 

Snow :D

by Matt

A few days ago, we got a lot of snow. Enough to play with it, start snowball fights, and make statues. It was really fun. So of course I had to make something Redac-related.


Remember Il, the TV CHINA reporter?

Yes, that nose was too heavy to stand without a stick


I also tried to make a toilet...

It was big enough to sit on it!

Art trade: Matt and Dr. Jekyll!

by Matt

Hey folks! I completed my first art trade on Comic Fury this week and I thought I'd show you the results. MK_Wizard, author of MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, started that funny event. I thought it was a good idea to draw each other's protagonists. So here we go:


​I drew her version of Dr. Jekyll trying to discover the Hyde formula. He was really fun to draw. Love the hairstyle and cartoony face.

Click for full size


And I told her Matt was up to her interpretation. Guess what? She drew an awesome rock and roll version!

click for full size if you dare


​This is so funny. This totally looks like his 2016/2017 design, just with rock and roll elements and cooler pants. It feels like I'm looking into one of these mirrors where you can see alternate universes, and this Matt became a rock star instead of a comics author.


​So yeah, a great art trade. Thanks again!