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by Matt

First of all, let's all mourn Professor Stephen Hawking, who, as you probably know, passed away this week. I first heard of him many years ago, and I know he won't be forgotten (but he will be missed). He was pretty much this century's Einstein. Alackaday.


Then, you should know there will be a new extra page next week. Woohoo!


Then, let's all admire The Redac's all-new TVTropes page. Did I mention I'm a troper? If you're a troper too, then feel free to contribute to this page. It's always an interesting experience. 

Snow :D

by Matt

A few days ago, we got a lot of snow. Enough to play with it, start snowball fights, and make statues. It was really fun. So of course I had to make something Redac-related.


Remember Il, the TV CHINA reporter?

Yes, that nose was too heavy to stand without a stick


I also tried to make a toilet...

It was big enough to sit on it!

Layout update 2

by Matt 

Okay, this is really an update about everything in general.


Stuff I changed while you weren't looking:


- A lot of tiny details in the comic page layout. Changing something here, emphasizing some text there, you know. Subtle things that should make the page cooler to look at.

- The FAQ and all future extra pages are now aligned to the right, and their buttons are designed to look like the Comic Fury link.

- I made some awesome navigation arrows, but you already know about that.

- Probably some secret parts of the layout, too.


Stuff I'm still working on, whenever I can:


- That "main" page I was talking about.

- Some additonal extra pages, including a cast page.

- A new and improved banner.


Stuff you should probably know:


-I'm gonna add another Sunday Hogwash page to Chapter 1 asap. I should have done it earlier, but I didn't really notice it. There's way too much stuff in those folders. It won't happen again (at least for some time) because I'm more careful about which pages to scan now.


And that's it! Stay tuned for the next exciting blog post, whenever it happens.