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Layout update 2

by Matt 

Okay, this is really an update about everything in general.


Stuff I changed while you weren't looking:


- A lot of tiny details in the comic page layout. Changing something here, emphasizing some text there, you know. Subtle things that should make the page cooler to look at.

- The FAQ and all future extra pages are now aligned to the right, and their buttons are designed to look like the Comic Fury link.

- I made some awesome navigation arrows, but you already know about that.

- Probably some secret parts of the layout, too.


Stuff I'm still working on, whenever I can:


- That "main" page I was talking about.

- Some additonal extra pages, including a cast page.

- A new and improved banner.


Stuff you should probably know:


-I'm gonna add another Sunday Hogwash page to Chapter 1 asap. I should have done it earlier, but I didn't really notice it. There's way too much stuff in those folders. It won't happen again (at least for some time) because I'm more careful about which pages to scan now.


And that's it! Stay tuned for the next exciting blog post, whenever it happens.


Art trade: Matt and Dr. Jekyll!

by Matt

Hey folks! I completed my first art trade on Comic Fury this week and I thought I'd show you the results. MK_Wizard, author of MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, started that funny event. I thought it was a good idea to draw each other's protagonists. So here we go:


​I drew her version of Dr. Jekyll trying to discover the Hyde formula. He was really fun to draw. Love the hairstyle and cartoony face.

Click for full size


And I told her Matt was up to her interpretation. Guess what? She drew an awesome rock and roll version!

click for full size if you dare


​This is so funny. This totally looks like his 2016/2017 design, just with rock and roll elements and cooler pants. It feels like I'm looking into one of these mirrors where you can see alternate universes, and this Matt became a rock star instead of a comics author.


​So yeah, a great art trade. Thanks again!


Layout update 1

by Matt

Have a drawing of Thierry working with a drill. (from The Redac #5, March 2009)



Because that's how I feel right now, after working on html for a few days. Here are the changes so far:


- I tweaked the archive page. Nothing important. I just centered some text, that kind of stuff.

- I improved the FAQ page. It's a bit wall of text-y, but it looks way better than before.

- And I added a cool background! I like the Rainbow Tables layout, but that blank background was driving me crazy. So I changed it to an actual sheet of paper and added black-and-white versions of drawings from old Redacs. It looks childish and artistic, which is what this story is supposed to be, at least most of the time.


What's next, you ask? Well, I plan to make an actual "main" page in the following weeks, because linking to the archive as home page is becoming boring. And I don't want to link to the latest page like almost everyone does, because that could be spoilery. And I don't feel like linking to the first page either. So I have to make something specifically for that.


See you!