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Layout update 1

by Matt

Have a drawing of Thierry working with a drill. (from The Redac #5, March 2009)



Because that's how I feel right now, after working on html for a few days. Here are the changes so far:


- I tweaked the archive page. Nothing important. I just centered some text, that kind of stuff.

- I improved the FAQ page. It's a bit wall of text-y, but it looks way better than before.

- And I added a cool background! I like the Rainbow Tables layout, but that blank background was driving me crazy. So I changed it to an actual sheet of paper and added black-and-white versions of drawings from old Redacs. It looks childish and artistic, which is what this story is supposed to be, at least most of the time.


What's next, you ask? Well, I plan to make an actual "main" page in the following weeks, because linking to the archive as home page is becoming boring. And I don't want to link to the latest page like almost everyone does, because that could be spoilery. And I don't feel like linking to the first page either. So I have to make something specifically for that.


See you!


What to expect for 2018

by Matt

Wow, has it already been one month since I last posted a blog entry? There's no way I can keep being so lazy. Next year, I'll try to actually use this blog thing. Hey, since we're speaking of next year, here's what you should expect, Redac-wise...


- More pages! (obviously)
- More interesting blog entries! (hopefully)
- Subtle layout changes! There are a lot of minor things I'm not quite satisfied with. I just hope I won't accidentally destroy the site. I'd better mess around with a test comic first.
- A spoiler-free cast page, whenever I finish posting all the 2009 stuff.


Happy New Year!


And as always, thanks for reading/subscribing/lurking!



​Just to give you an idea...

by Matt

​I'm sure some of you have wondered how much stuff I have to scan and show, considering the Redac universe started in 2009. Let's see...


...ok, that's a lot

​There's more, but this is definitely the bulk of it. I'm sure I'll transition to fully digital chapters one day, but who knows when. Wish me luck! :D


​And no, having what is probably the biggest buffer in existence doesn't make it that much easier to update a comic. I still have to scan pages, improve the colors because the scans are rather lousy (or maybe it's just the light?), digitally rewrite the dialogue, etc. That doesn't mean I'll never make new pages between existing chapters, though. Just look at the introduction.


​Ignore the Lego box, btw. They're just everywhere in my room.