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Summer scoops

by Matt

It's summer, folks. The season of ice cream, swimming, playing games at home when it's too hot to go out, and reading comics. cool


Speaking of comics... I was supposed to give you some cryptic clues about my next project, right? 


All I can tell you for now is that this story will also have a lot of magical elements. I'm fascinated by magic. And it'll take place in the same cosmos as The Redac, so you can expect occasional references and continuity nods. However, you won't need to read it to understand The Redac, and vice versa. Isn't that cool? Anyway, more info next time.


Also, I'm slowly cleaning up early pages (again!) because I made a lot of progress since I started cleaning up scans last autumn, and wow, I never realized how bad those pages can look compared to the latest updates. I swear this scanner makes them look worse than they are irl. surprise And losing a few hundred KB on every page can only make the site faster, so that's pretty cool. So if you check old pages for whatever reason and think some of them somehow look better, it's true: I replaced them with cleaner versions.


Btw, The Redac got a Facebook page! I don't have much time to promote it now, and only use it to advertise updates so far, so it's lost in the huge FB ocean. But if you want to check it, just search for "The Redac Webcomic". See you! cheeky


Phase 2 begins

by Matt

 Phase 2? What is that?


Well, let's say Phase 1 was how I tried to get the hang of this whole webcomic thing. In case you don't know, this is the first ever time I'm in charge of a comic site. I have to go through a lot of trial and error. I had to figure many things out, like schedule, coding, self-promotion, etc. 


Speaking of schedule, it recently occured to me that there's no way I can just post ONE page a week. This would mean keeping the same schedule as when I originally made them, which in turn means it'd take forever to show the whole comic! I should have noticed that before, but I'm not good at math. Some thoughts and suggestions from fellow Comic Fury users helped hammer the last nail into the coffin, or whatever the saying is. I HAVE to speed up.


And thus, Phase 2 begins. It's quite simple: instead of updating once a week and sometimes twice a week, I'll try to always update twice a week. (and sometimes thrice a week? maybe) I'm not saying I'll never post once a week again, because I can be busy, but it'll now be the exception instead of the norm.


So yes, you'll get twice as much nonsense for the same (nonexistent) price. Hopefully it'll make me go through the backlog and reach the interesting parts faster. Thanks for sticking with me through Phase 1, anyway.




by Matt

First of all, let's all mourn Professor Stephen Hawking, who, as you probably know, passed away this week. I first heard of him many years ago, and I know he won't be forgotten (but he will be missed). He was pretty much this century's Einstein. Alackaday.


Then, you should know there will be a new extra page next week. Woohoo!